There is a unique process that we perform which is called One/Two-Side SodiumEtching on PTFE (Teflon)® products such as Sheets, tapes, skived tapes, films, etc.

Our inhouse facility helps us to cater to large number of industries. We are one of the leading experts in India to perform such an unique technique to get uniform etching.

It is very important to store etched PTFE products for a longer shelf life and to maintain its properties.The proper storage conditions for etched surfaces of fluoropolymers are as follows:

  • Clean – So there is no material to tie-up bond sites
  • Dry – So there are no molecules to bond
  • Cool (less than 100ºF (38ºC)) – higher temperature cause molecules to migrate to the surface  where they can tie-up bonds.
  • Away  from UV light.

Etching process can be done on filled grade PTFE products as well , such as bronze , turcite, carbon, etc. to increase the bond and durability of the product.

  • We undertake orders for specific requirements.