We provide PTFE liners in various sizes , mainly used in chemical , pharmaceutical , gas, agricultural industries.The PTFE lined pipes  and the  PTFE fitting are recognized as the ideal solutions for conveying or processing highly corrosive fluids under severe conditions. The chemical resistance property of PTFE liner can resist the temperature of the fluid up to 230 degree Celsius.


  • Chemically Inert
  • Heat Resistant
  • Non-Contaminating
  • Unaffected by virtually all chemicals
  • These are standard sizes. We can also undertake order for specific requirements.


Sr.No.Size In Inch/mmLength
11″3.2 /6.4 mtr
21.5″3.2 /6.4 mtr
32″3.2 /6.4 mtr
42.5″3.2 /6.4 mtr
53″3.2 /6.4 mtr
64″3.2 /6.4 mtr
76″3.2 /6.4 mtr
Suitable For Schedule 40 Pipes.