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Plastic Products Engineering Company (PPEC) started working since 1963 as the pioneer PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) processor in India.

PPEC PTFE products have proven themselves for long service life and maximum reliability in a wide range of industries such as Chemical Processing, Electronics, OEM Compressor Manufacturers, Textile Processing, Paper, Food Processing, Automotive, Railways, Aeronautics, Material Handling, Printing etc.

Corporate Information

Plastic Products Engineering Company started working in 1963 as the pioneer PTFE Processor in India and, thanks to our 50-year experience; we have been able to consolidate our position as a leading company in the field of PTFE and PTFE-compound transformation.

With more than 45 employees, we carry on our activity in one factory. We have a wide range of machines at our disposal for the automatic production of small and large quantities of any high-tech PTFE piece destined to different sectors.

PPEC offers a completely integrated design and fabrication service. Fabricated parts are produced by a variety of techniques.

Equipment and techniques have been developed and continually improved so that today millions of close-tolerance, machined components are being produced with modern speed and efficiency.

Our annual consumption of PTFE is more than 100 MT.

Technical Resources

The PPEC Group Technical Resource offers design, development and laboratory testing facilities to handle projects from concept to full-scale manufacture. We can advise on material selection and product design to take advantage of the company's unique range of materials and techniques. PPEC can produce products complying with a wide range of national and international standards.


Plastic product engineering co Plastic product engineering co
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