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Since its inception in 1963, Plastic Products Engineering Company (PPEC) has built its name on quality, innovation and customer service in the PTFE industry. Over the last fifty years, we have supplied high-quality processed PTFE stock shapes and engineered components, including PTFE tapes, PTFE sheets, PTFE films, PTFE membranes, PTFE rods, PTFE gaskets, PTFE bushes, PTFE tubes, PTFE bearing materials and PTFE bridge bearings, PTFE coated Glass Cloths to a broad range of customers for industrial, electronic, machine tool and infrastructure related applications.We are also "Research Designs & Standards Organisation (RDSO)" approved supplier.

Quality Control

Quality has a strong priority over quantity and to be able to exploit the main characteristics of a material like PTFE in technical applications is the goal we have set ourselves.

What's New

PPEC is developing revolutionary PTFE coated fabrics - versatile materials for chemically hostile, mechanically severe, thermally extreme and electrically demanding industrial conditions. These unusual materials maintain outstanding release characteristics and flexibility over a broad range of operating temperatures in varied chemical environments.


Plastic product engineering co Plastic product engineering co
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